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By John Crump

Red Leg Brewing Company and AmmoLand News
AmmoLand News visits Red Leg Brewing Company

Colorado Springs, CO

Dragon Man

Brownells Bureau of Propaganda Director-in-Chief Ryan Repp and Deputy Director Josh Coburn have been leading the charge across the country in their surprisingly fast 2018 Chevrolet land yacht. Both Ryan and Josh are the ideal ambassadors for Brownells mission to make to someones day across the country every day.

Not only did the crew check out Red Leg Brewing, but they also got a chance to check out the collection of the one and only Dragon Man. Dragon Man, whose real name is Mel Bernstein, has been called the most armed man in America.

His massive collection consists of 80 machine guns, tanks, jeeps, and every other military vehicle you can think of. The collection is massive and he was more than happy to share it with Duncan and Patrick.

The next stop for the Convoy will be at Novak Jeep Conversions in Logan, Utah. What could be more American than Jeeps?

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