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By Chris Eger

S&B makes over a dozen 30.06 loads, including one aimed at John Garand’s M1. (Photos: Chris Eger)
With M1 Garands at perhaps the height of popularity and stocks of military surplus ball waning, one manufacturer is offering a solution.
Over 5 million 30.06-caliber Garands were produced, serving as the mainstay for the U.S. and many allied militaries from WWII through, in some cases, the late 1970s. These eight-shot rifles, called the “greatest battle implement ever devised,” by no less a military authority as Gen. George S. Patton, were fed a steady diet of 150-grain M2 ball ammunition, for which their sights were ballistically calibrated.
Commercial hunting ammo can often go well above 2800 fps at the muzzle, which can lead to problems with an M1.
However, while commercial soft-point hunting loadings are readily available in “aught-six” today, the traditional full metal jacket load has been out of full-scale production in the states for some time. Further, using commercial loads, which are sometimes a good bit hotter or use a different pressure curve, can damage the M1’s oprod or, if they don’t produce enough gas pressure, not cycle the action. While this can be alleviated by a ported gas screw, commercial ammo can also be


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