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By Chris Eger

Americans have been seeking to exercise their right to keep and bear arms in growing numbers this month. (Photo:
In the past two weeks, Americans have crowded their local gun stores and online firearms retailers eager to exercise their Second Amendment rights.
As reported by tech website the Verge, Yelp’s data showed interest in guns and ammo had jumped 360 % at the same time that interest in buying water and groceries had been up about 160 percent.
According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) saw a 300 % increase in traffic on March 16, compared to the same day in 2019. The jump came the day after the CDC released coronavirus guidelines that included restricting gatherings of 50 or more people in the U.S. over the next eight weeks. Going forward, daily background check volumes have been roughly double what they were a year ago.
“Americans are lining up at local gun shops taking stock of their safety concerns and stocking up on guns and ammunition,” said Larry Keane, the NSSF’s senior vice president and legal counsel. “It’s showing that firearms continue to be a desired item and Americans are serious about providing for


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