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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

American Suppressor Association Glock 21 - 1
American Suppressor Association Glock 21 – 1

American Suppressor AssociationU.S.A.-( At the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta we heard from our sponsor companies and spoke to a lot of attendees about the Hearing Protection Act. The most common question, of course, was “what is the status of the hearing protection act?”

As we’re sure that many of you have grown tired of answering the same question over and over, we started answering their question with a question of our own – “Have you called, emailed, or written your elected officials and asked them to support the HPA?” We were shocked that the answer, almost unanimously, was “No.”

Sitting on the sidelines with fingers crossed and hoping the HPA will pass will not create the kind of overwhelming pressure on our electorate to move this bill forward. Hope is real… it’s just not a strategy for success.

You know that it takes less than a minute to visit and send an email to your elected officials. To date over 225,000 letters have been sent. But do your friends know? We know …Read the Rest

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