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By Christen Smith

Dr. David O. Barbe, president of the American Medical Association, encouraged members to support recommendations regulating firearms access at its 2018 annual meeting. (Photo: American Medical Association)
The American Medical Association waded further into the gun control debate this week, recommending policymakers adopt a range of regulations limiting firearms access nationwide.
Dr. David O. Barbe, AMA president, told members Tuesday the association “must not back down from addressing gun violence” — the same way it combated stigmatized beliefs surrounding the HIV/AIDS epidemic, opposed the tobacco industry and promoted universal vaccinations.
“On the contrary, we must address it head on . . . scientifically, in an evidence-based, principled fashion, and with the health and safety of our communities, our fellow Americans, and our children as our chief concern,” he said.
Delegates to the AMA’s annual meeting recommended a new round of gun regulations Tuesday — the second anniversary of the Pulse massacre — hoping Congress will follow their lead.
“Every day, physicians are treating suicide victims, victims of domestic partner violence, and men and women simply in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Barbe said. “It doesn’t have to be this way, and we urge lawmakers to act.”
The AMA recommendations include banning “assault-type” rifles and high-capacity


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