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By Tom Knighton

Most of us were brought up to trust doctors. They’re the ones who have all the training and experience to help us get through our illnesses. While they might make mistakes, they’re human. Many of us also understand that many “mistakes” aren’t really mistakes. Many illnesses present the same symptoms as others, so doctors don’t always have a lot to work with as far as definitive symptoms.

It’s rough.

However, most of us continue to trust physicians because they’re the experts.

That gets harder when they get involved in stupidity by pushing for gun control.

Frustrated with a lack of action on gun control by the country’s lawmakers, the American Medical Association adopted a series of sweeping policies aimed at preventing gun violence this week during its annual meeting in Chicago.

“People are dying of gun violence in our homes, churches, schools, on street corners and at public gatherings, and it’s important that lawmakers, policy leaders and advocates on all sides seek common ground to address this public health crisis,” Dr. David Barbe, immediate past president of the organization and a family physician in Missouri, said in a statement.
Barbe said that treating gun injuries was becoming an all too common experience for …Read the Rest

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