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By Ammoland

Youth Shooting

Socialism Is An Anti-Gun-Rights Scourge: Socialists, out of the closet, vie for power in the halls of Congress

As the new year approaches, “All enemies foreign and domestic” has a new meaning, Bring Back Gun-Safety Training In Schools.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is calling for reestablishing basic marksmanship training and firearms education in public schools.

USA – -( Mature Americans, those above the age of about 40, grew up educated and knowing that socialism is an anti-freedom abomination, dedicated to subjecting people to dictatorial rule, economic hardship, and armed control of the masses, without basic freedoms we enjoy here in America.

This poli-sci understanding and knowledge of truth has been lost, thanks, literally, to brainwashing in our school system which Alinsky-styled socialists have cleverly commandeered.

Children today have been taught to fear and hate firearms and gun owners. It’s not good to hate.

The dreaded and very real socialist “red threat” from communist Russia, the Chicom communist Chinese, brutal North Koreans, communist Cuba, a good segment of South America and the rest remains in play, though not on the nightly news as it once was. It has however been significantly replaced by a domestic enemy, socialists in our own Congress.

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