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By Bob Owens

Month after month after month we note that NICS background checks—a proxy for gun sales in the United States—keeps setting new records. Every single month, we have hundreds of thousands of more firearms in circulation, tens of thousands of more first-time gun buyers, more repeat buyers, and thousands of new concealed carry permits issued across the nation.

If the logic of gun control groups that “more guns equals more crime” held true, then this nation should be in the middle of a near civil war.

But we aren’t.

Instead we’re in the middle of the most peaceful time in recorded American history, with per capita homicide at an all-time low according to the FBI, with criminal homicides with firearms plunging to just over 8,100 nationwide. Firearms-related “accidents” (negligent discharges) are also at an all-time low, and continue a long-term decline, plunging 50% in the past 20 years.

The FBI has now just released preliminary data that shows a nearly 20-percent drop in criminal homicides of law enforcement officers in the past year, mirroring other trends which show our society becoming less violent as it becomes better armed.

Preliminary statistics released today by the FBI show that 41 law enforcement …Read the Rest

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