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By Frank Melloni

The Commander X and Commander + Pack from Alps OutdoorZ offer hikers a means to carry whatever they need on the trails. (Photo: Frank Melloni)
Perhaps you’ve made the decision to carry a firearm for your hike. Maybe you want to ensure an effective means of self-defense, or maybe you want to be ready for an impromptu hunt once you get to camp or the morning after. Either way, you will need a pack that can easily accommodate a firearm and I just happen to have two in mind that work very well for the task — The Commander + Pack and Commander X Pack from Alps OutdoorZ.
The Commander + Pack
Between the Commander being big on space and the Savage 64 Takedown being small on size, it’s easy to take a lightweight rimfire along a multi-day hike. (Photo: Frank Melloni)
Once you decide to take a gun on your journey it’s not a bad idea to check out hunting packs as your first option. Hunting packs are built with special accommodations for your favorite shootin’ iron and often make hauling one more comfortable to boot. The Commander + Pack rig from ALPS Outdoors is featured on their hunting line and comes in


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