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By Bob Owens

That meme pretty much sums it up.

We’re aware that a number of conspiracy theory sites are attempting to get people spun-up about JADE HELM, a military exercise that is occurring in parts of nine states, primarily involving special forces units.

If you’re really interested in the theories, you can read about them on Wikipedia.

The fact of the matter is that similar operations have been run around the nation for decades, and most aren’t known to the public at all… even when, like JADE HELM, they are in plain sight.

Here in North Carolina, ROBIN SAGE has been running since 1974 across 15 North Carolina counties that make up the fictional Republic of Pineland, and will start again tomorrow:

Robin Sage, a role-playing exercise that is the culminating event of Special Forces training, will be staged over several counties in the Cape Fear region between Wednesday and Aug.4.

In Robin Sage, Special Forces candidates support guerrilla forces in the fictional country of Pineland, which encompasses parts of 15 counties. The exercise has been held regularly since 1974.

It is the final training exercise before students graduate and move to an assignment with one of the Army’s Special Forces units.

The students participating – from …read more

Source:: Bearing Arms

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