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By Kristin Alberts

Jeff Barry takes aim with other waterfowlers shooting Kent Cartridge ammunition. (Photo: Jeff Barry)
How does a company without the biggest name in the industry or the flashiest marketing maintain its position as one of the shotgun hunting market powerhouses? talks shotshells, company roots, and metallurgy with Jeff Barry, Kent Cartridge Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
GDC: Let’s start by introducing the company. Who is Kent Cartridge, and how did it get started?

Barry: It’s an interesting story on how the company started. Think back to the 1990s and the mandate for non-toxic shot. Products hastily introduced at the time weren’t cutting it, as they were loaded to lead specs with heavier payloads and were rather slow-moving. Several gentlemen at a hunting club near Detroit, Michigan, were sitting around after hunting, disappointed in wounded ducks, and wanting a better performing product. One mentioned a study at Penn State, whereby metallurgists were creating a tungsten alloy. Those gentlemen knew they could build better ammunition, and so they started the company.
They had shot, but nowhere to load it, until they found Activ Industries going out of business in West Virginia. With a company in the UK producing the shot and taking over the


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