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By Jacki Billings

Alien Gear Holsters updates its ShapeShift Starter Kit with a new name, rebranding it the ShapeShift Core Carry Pack. (Photo: Alien Gear)
Alien Gear Holsters revamped its flagship holster series, the ShapeShift, tweaking its name to better describe the design. Moving from the ShapeShift Starter Kit to the ShapeShift Core Carry Pack, the company said the updated name aims to eliminate confusion.
“The change was heavily influenced by customer feedback. There were questions about who the ‘Starter Kit’ was for and whether it had to be the first purchase in the ShapeShift Modular Holster System,” Alien Gear Holsters COO Tim Treto said in a news release. “The four carry styles in the Core Carry Pack represent our most popularly requested holsters from all gun owners at all experience levels, which spurred the need for a name change in a system offering so many possibilities.”
The Core Carry Pack allows users to carry in four different ways. (Photo: Alien Gear)
The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack features a polymer shell set-up for four open and concealed carry on-body styles. Treto said the name change is the only alteration to the ShapeShift. The Core Carry Pack offers the same features as well as the same price as


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