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By Ammoland

Danger Close

By John Crump

John Crump


Danger Close

John: What do you think drives these guys to do what they do?

Alex: These are absolutely elite warriors. They have a warrior’s ethos, and being the elite of the elite they are highly trained, but they are also highly chosen. They go through so much just to get to where they are at. It takes a very unique individual to become a Special Forces soldiers.

John: Did you ever feel that you were in danger?

Alex: Absolutely! It comes with the territory. Not to sound cocky or anything, but there is a lot of stuff. In having 300 hours of combat footage there is only so much you can shove into an 87 minute film. There was many moment. I just don’t really think about it because I am just there with the soldiers being a pesky fly on the wall. I don’t feel like the story should be about me. I feel the stories should be about them. Anything they are coming under I am also coming under too.

You are just so laser focused. They are doing their jobs and I am doing my job, you just don’t really …Read the Rest

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