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By Ammoland

Mental Health Hooded Robber

By John Farnam

Alertness & Assertive Disengagement
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Another success story, due to a constant state of personal alertness:

“We arrived at the Tesla Charger just before 9:00pm. It was in a downtown, underground parking garage. While the car charged, we walked to a local café for a burger. They closed at 9:00pm, so we just made it.

We noticed a group of noisy vagrants in the park across the street. No police presence.

When we returned to our vehicle, a vagrant appeared and started pounding on a glass barrier to our left, while screaming incoherently. This person was obviously agitated, aggressive, and violent.

Suddenly, this person starts walking toward us!

The person was wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt, with the hood up. It looked like an elderly woman, but difficult to tell, because the sweatshirt hood covered her hair.

I stood next to my car, interview stance, and spoke loudly:

‘Stop now! Do not come any closer’

She stopped, almost falling over forward.

I then ordered:

‘Turn around and go away.’

I could now see if was a female, cigarette in her right hand and bag in her left.

She slowly turned around and walked …Read the Rest

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