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By Ammoland

Vote November 2018


Alea Lacta Est… (“the die is cast”) Election 2018

USA – -( As I took pen in hand this day, hypothetically speaking, my goal once more is to impress upon you the absolute seriousness of this critical moment in time for the survival of our republic. And, for you to believe in your heart, that the upcoming midterm elections will be the most important in our Nation’s history.

Know that President Trump not only knows the stakes, he knows exactly what he is doing like the master chess player, making all the strategic moves as we get closer and closer to checkmate!

And, as I began collecting my thoughts, it came to me how the words of a number of great men and philosophers, along with the more recent words of one desperate man, have provided all the food-for-thought that you will need for the total comprehension of our dilemma, which I alone could not have said better myself.

My title has been used by many great literary writers. The words “Alea Lacta Est” are Latin for the “Die Is Cast” or as in 49 BC, when Julius Caesar ‘Crossed the Rubicon’ by the use of radical or risky courses of action …Read the Rest

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