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By Jenn Jacques

Albuquerque police say gun owners need to be sure they are taking the time and putting more effort into securing their firearms.

A one month search of the Albuquerque metro reveals more crime than space on the map. What’s more, it only covers burglary, robbery and auto theft.

Yet, a breakdown shows these numbers:

  • 808 burglaries, robberies and auto thefts for the month of February.
  • 839 burglaries, robberies and auto thefts in March.
  • 868 burglaries, robberies and auto thefts in April.

A steady incline, but what’s even more alarming is what thieves walked away with.

  • A loaded 357 magnum
  • A 12 Gauge shotgun
  • A nine millimeter with a laser and light.

They stole a total of 34 firearms in four months and that’s just in the Foothills, but APD says they’re seeing the trend citywide.

It’s not all they’re tracking.

“We’re seeing more and more property crime offenders, the nonviolent property crime offenders arming themselves with guns in order to further their crime sprees,” said APD Officer Tanner Tixier. “The perfect example is Shane Garcia who was just arrested by the US Marshals.”

Marshals arrested Garcia earlier this week for impersonating APD officers in a home invasion.

“He kicked in the door. He was armed with …Read the Rest

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