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22-year-old Matthew Willhite was at a shopping mall in Anchorage, Alaska with his girlfriend and her family when he witnessed a thief in a physical altercation with security guards. Willhite went to see if he could help, when he became aware that the thief was armed with a gun. Willhite responded by drawing a .45-caliber pistol and ordering the criminal to drop his gun. The thief complied with the order, and Willhite held the man at gunpoint until security placed the man in handcuffs.
Following the incident, Willhite told a local media outlet that he has been carrying since he turned 18 when he lived in Nevada; open carrying before he could get a Nevada Right-to-Carry permit. Willhite also noted that at the time of the incident he was carrying without a permit, as it is lawful do in Alaska. …Read the Rest

Source:: NRA-ILA

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