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By Beth Baumann

Source: Gathany
Source: Gathany

Alabama is considering joining the ranks of other states who have removed the permitting requirement to conceal carry a firearm. If Senate Bill 24 passes the Alabama legislature, a permit would no longer be required for a person to conceal carry and constitutional carry would be the law in the Cotton State.

But one Sheriff isn’t happy about the proposed legislation, saying he thinks it’s a dangerous move. In a letter to his constituents, Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning wrote:

Dear Citizens of Madison County,

My message today is to inform you of an impending Senate Bill in the Alabama Legislature directly threatening the safety for our Law Enforcement Officers and Deputy Sheriffs. It is a threat to law abiding citizens like you and me and a threat to this great state and country.

I am talking about Alabama Senate Bill 24 (SB24) introduced by Senator Gerald Allen. This bill has proposed the repeal of the current Alabama statute that requires a permit, issued by the Sheriff of the county you reside, to allow for the full concealment of a handgun on your person or in a vehicle.

The pistol permit is a tool used by law enforcement to quickly screen …Read the Rest

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