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By Bob Owens


It appears that the recent surge in “constitutional carry” laws is continuing to pick up steam, as the Alabama legislature appears poised to pass a law this session that will allow the open or concealed carry of a handgun without requiring a government-issued permit.

Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) is sponsoring legislation to allow Alabama gun owners the right to carry their handguns concealed with them at all times. Sen. Allen said in a statement, “Last week I pre-filed legislation in the Alabama State Senate to allow Alabamians to lawfully carry guns without a permit. This permitless carry proposal would remove a needless restriction on Alabamians’ Second Amendment rights and make it easier for citizens to protect and defend their families and property. Alabama should be leading the way on constitutional gun rights. More than ten states across the country already allow their citizens to carry guns without a permit. It’s time we give our citizens the right to bear arms without first seeking the government’s permission. We already allow open carry without a permit, and there is no logical reason for continuing to require a permit for concealed carry.”

Alabamians already have the right to carry their handguns openly, everywhere except …Read the Rest

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