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By Tom Knighton

For some reason, journalists tend to trend to the left. I’ve got a whole slew of ideas as to why that’s the case, of course, but it’s not relevant to the discussion at hand. Let’s just say that they do. Most Bearing Arms readers tend to agree.

As a general rule, people who lean left tend to support gun control. This is also a non-controversial statement.

Because of this, though, there’s a definite bias in the news industry. However, an Alabama station took it to a whole new level when they apparently couldn’t find a single supporter of constitutional carry for their report on a proposed change to the state’s law.

A Tuscaloosa lawmaker is ramping up efforts to do away with pistol permit requirements in Alabama. WAAY 31 talked to several people today in Huntsville and all of them said they don’t approve of the new proposal. They said it could make it easier for guns to end up in the wrong hands.

“There’s going to be a lot more criminals I think who can sneak in weapons,” said Huntsville resident, Devin Brown.
“I’m not for more gun control, but I’m alright with the gun control we have in the state,” …Read the Rest

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