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By Micah Rate

The United States Air Force will be making much-needed corrections in its process of reporting criminal histories of former servicemen and women to the FBI and the National Instant Background Check System (NICS). Heather Wilson, the United States Secretary of the Air Force, appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Wednesday to address concerns that the senators and the general public have over criminals illegally purchasing firearms.

The Air Force found itself in some hot water after it revealed that the Sutherland Springs shooter, a former airman, received a “bad conduct discharge” for abusing his wife at the time and her stepson. Though the Texas shooter’s crimes made him a felon, the Air Force failed to report his criminal history to the FBI. Due to the missing information, the shooter was able to pass a background check that he should never have passed. If the Air Force had done its job initially, the tragic deaths of 26 people in their house of worship may have been prevented.

The Washington Times reported:

Multiple levels of command now have to confirm that required disclosures have been made to the background check system in all reported incidents, Ms. Wilson said.

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