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By Patrick Roberts

Agency Arms Liberty Trigger

Patrick Roberts gives AmmoLand readers an exclusive first look at the Agency Arms Liberty Trigger.

My Glock 19C Gen 4 with the Agency Arms Liberty Triggerinstalled next to a copper Maratac AAA flashlight.


The Agency Arms Liberty Trigger as it comes out of the package

The face of the trigger is flat and has a nice kick out on the bottom to help with consistent placement of the trigger finger. The trigger also includes a nice wide trigger safety that feels very nice under the pad of my finger.

The Agency Liberty Trigger face

The rear of the trigger is also nicely machined.

The back of the Liberty Trigger

Looking at the shoe of the trigger closely you can see the machine work is top notch. The slight ding on the bottom portion of the trigger is a blem from being dropped and will not be on the retail triggers.

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