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By Dean Weingarten

I recently wrote about how a former Marine fought off an attempted home invasion. Donnie managed to fire three shots. No one was hit. I ran into Donnie again at a local gas station. A large, powerful black man, he makes quite an impression. We shook hands and I told him that the article had been published. He hadn’t seen it yet; he is in the middle of a move. He didn’t say, but I suspect it was a decision precipitated by the aborted home invasion. He had lost my card in the packing shuffle. He asked me: How can I bear arms? . . .

I was openly carrying when I met him. I was directly demonstrating the right to keep and bear arms when we met again. I believe that prompted the question.

It was a simple, direct, question. People who are immersed in the gun culture often fail to understand that people who are not so inclined do not know the intricacies and subtleties of what it takes to go about armed in today’s society.

Donnie was trained as a Marine. He knows how to use firearms. But he is only a peripheral member of the gun culture.

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