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By Brandon Curtis

By Luke McCoy via USA CARRY

In most states, there’s a mandatory training course that all concealed carry applicants have to take before applying or receiving their concealed carry licenses. These courses are meant to be informative and educational. They are not meant to be a capstone course in your own personal handgun training.

After the course is through and the ink on the certificate is dry, there’s some skills we all continually have to practice. In this article, we’ll go over ten essentials.

1. Trigger discipline

This cannot be urged enough. A lack of trigger discipline will result in a negligent discharge with a loaded weapon. It’s not a question of “if”, it’s a matter of when. Always practice drawing and holstering your concealed carry handgun with finger off of the trigger. If you have issues with your finger sliding onto trigger before you’re ready to fire — iron that habit out now before it bites you. Chgheck out the common mistakes and considerations in trigger control.

2. Basic marksmanship

It can’t be said enough… In an actual emergency defensive gun use scenario, the vast majority of people will have an elevated heart rate. This will cause their hands to shake …Read the Rest

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