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By Graham Baates

Advanced Weapon Systems Spets-12 non-NFA Firearm
Advanced Weapon Systems Spets-12 non-NFA Firearm

U.S.A. -( The Mossberg Shockwave and Remington Tac-14 were brought the idea of non-NFA “firearms” mainstream. By building these firearms on receivers not yet declared shotgun manufacturers are able to chamber a firearm in 12 gauge and have a barrel shorter than 18″ without creating a title II firearm. This in effect creates what handles and looks like a short-barreled shotgun but legally is not and so frees prospective owners of the legal hassles of owning such a firearm.

Pushing legal silliness aside these non-NFA firearms provide potential solutions for those looking for 12-gauge power in a more compact package. Easier to stow and easier to wield in tight confines. Advanced Weapon Systems has produced the Spets-12 using SDS Import receivers based on the Saiga-12 design. All the features SDS Import’s Lynx-12 (a Chinese-manufactured variant of the Saiga-12 and legal for import) remain, but in a more compact package only 28.5″ long with a 13″ barrel. As with the Shockwave and Tac-14 control-ability is a concern. The Spets-12 comes equipped with a brace that makes handling closer to that of a rifle.

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