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By Tom Knighton

Every year, it’s estimated that 2.5 million people use a firearm in self-defense. Many in the gun community spend a lot of time and treasure doing what they can to make sure if they find themselves as part of their number, they come out victorious.

I had a confrontation in my back yard with two teens, one of whom had a thick stick that could easily have served as a club. I drew down on them and ordered them to leave the yard.

After that, my whole body shook like a leaf in a category 4 hurricane. My legs felt like they were crafted out of the finest quality half-melted Jell-O and I felt sick to my stomach.

I ventured onto the internet and hit up a web forum where I was a member. While many of the members were people who had never fired a shot in anger, there were plenty of active duty military who had multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, law enforcement.

I wanted to know if what happened to me was a sign. Was I just someone who didn’t have the testicular fortitude to carry a gun?

Their advice? “Relax,” I was told. “What happened was natural.”

You see, the …Read the Rest

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