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By Robert Farago

Adler lever-action shotgun (courtesy

A TTAG reader living in the Land Down Under writes:

Long time reader writing in from Australia, the land where everything is upside down and paintball markers are considered to be deadly weapons requiring a safe and a background check (and no, we have no idea who drinks Fosters). Thought you guys would be interested to hear about the latest Australian gun grab. Well it’s not exactly a grab like the ’96 “buyback.” More along the lines of “new sensible regulation to better protect the community from deadly baby eating guns” . . .

The problems started with the forthcoming introduction of the Turkish-made Adler seven-shot lever-action shotgun into the Australia market [as above]. They’re pretty cool. [The promotional video’s been deleted. Click here for the pdf of Adler’s ad. Click here for a full product description.] After the media caught wind of this “new technology,” the anti-gunners have started referring to the shotgun as a “legal semi-auto.” Here’s’s take:

The Adler is being imported by Queensland-based NIOA. Fairfax Media understands the company has been unable to keep up with demand for the firearm, with almost 7000 ordered.

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