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By John Carver

This is the first chapter in an unpublished novel by John Carver that we’ll be serializing on TTAG on Fridays.

Indigo Broom leaned back in his orthopedic chair and stared out across the artificial lake. The summer sun slowly sank under the tree line, casting long shadows on the cubicle walls around him. Soon the fountain would stop, leaving the lake still and shining in the moonlight. Broom’s right hand spun a small purple pill on his desktop. The pill was fat at one end and thin at the other, like a teardrop. Broom remembered the one time he’d played spin the bottle . . .

He’d kissed Mary Jenkins. He couldn’t remember the kiss but he could recall his nervousness, calmed by Mary’s fresh-faced freckled smile.

Broom smiled and held the Protempo pill up to the lights beginning to illuminate the manicured countryside surrounding the lake. “Better loving through chemistry,” he said.

America’s number one erectile dysfunction pill evoking memories of early sexual exploration. Nothing wrong with that. Sex was how you made fresh-faced girls and hormone-crazed boys, who eventually made more fresh-faced girls and hormone-crazed boys. Circle of life.

Only it wasn’t life that was on Broom’s mind. It was death.

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