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By Ammoland

Adam Kraut and Jeff Knox

Editor Note: Please consider voting for Adam Kraut in the NRA 2019 NRA Board of Directors Election.

Adam Kraut is endorsed by Jeff Knox

USA – -( While at SHOT this year I ran into Fredy and Brian (the owners/editors) in the SHOT Show media room. Fredy told me that he was publishing articles from candidates soliciting votes from NRA Voting Members for the 2019 NRA Board of Directors election and did not have one from me. I was asked to write a short piece if I wanted something published.

This year, I have decided to take a different approach. I am not asking for your vote. For the past three election cycles I have published numerous articles and videos that contain my thoughts on various issues, ideas that I think the NRA should be pursuing, proposed bylaw changes to restore some accountability to the Board of Directors and positions on various actions taken by the NRA. Despite articles published by certain Board Members suggesting that the Nominating Committee is the only way to vet an individual’s intentions and qualifications, I believe that I have communicated them to the members at large for some time, so much so, that for …Read the Rest

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