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By Bob Owens


How do you think you’d respond in the event of a so-called “active shooter” situation?

Most of us like to think that we’d be able to respond quickly, decisively, and dare I say, it, heroically. The reality of the matter, however, is that the vast majority of people who haven’t been properly trained to react would be standing there when the bullets start flying, thinking “this can’t be happening to me,” as they start taking rounds.

Fortunately, there are a number of firearms instructors who are going beyond mere paper-punching on a square range to give students a real-world look at active shooter situations using either man-marker rounds (Simunitions or UTMs), or higher-end airsoft guns in force-on-force drills that develop “at the speed of life.”

Unfortunately, these kinds of training courses, as beneficial as they are, aren’t widely known by most people. We were very impressed that New 4 out of Jacksonville, Florida did a very in-depth story on “good guys” taking the Citizen Response To An Active Shooter course offered by Aaron Cowan and his team at Sage Dynamics.

From terrorist attacks in U.S. cities to mass shootings in offices and public places, active-shooter threats are causing legitimate concern …Read the Rest

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