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By Dan Zimmerman


By Ron Geppert

Shooting a pistol accurately is a mind game. Just to emphasize that sight alignment is more important than holding the pistol extremely steady on the bullseye, the following facts may help explain why “the theory” works . . .


Common copy paper is about 0.004″ thick.
Lets assume the sight radius on a pistol is 6″.
The target is 50′ away.
The shooter grasps the pistol firmly but not to the point of creating a shake.

Mathematical Fact:

Because the distance to the target is 100 times that of the sight radius, misalignment of the sights will be amplified by a factor of 100 at 50′.


For every 0.001″ of misalignment of the sights, the bullet impact will shift 0.1″ at 50′. That means if the sights are misaligned by the thickness of one piece of copy paper, the bullet strike will be off by 0.4″ or just over 3/8”, two thicknesses over 3/4″ and three will equal almost 1-1/4” of deviation.

If a 1″ bullseye is displayed on the wall one foot from a pistol muzzle, it’s not difficult to hold the pistol on the bullseye. With the above facts in mind, one can easily see that accurate sight alignment is far more important than …Read the Rest

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