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Every month, Guns & Ammo tests rifles for accuracy. The results are a pretty common source of quantifiable information that our readers have expressed an interest in, so we make sure to put our best effort into getting you the most comprehensive information possible.

Like any activity that gets a lot of time and attention, we’ve accumulated a library of testing techniques that work, and we’ve identified several pitfalls that shooters must avoid if they hope to ever know a rifle’s true potential.


Our goal should be to step away from our rifle without it moving. This ensures a stable position that requires no muscular tension to maintain.

Accuracy testing begins with building a good shooting position. Too often, we see shooters so focused on shooting and what’s happening at the target that they never learn how to create a solid shooting foundation. Without that foundation, we introduce variables into our marksmanship equation that degrade our overall performance.

Where possible, we’re going to try to avoid confining the conversation to testing equipment and focus on teaching shooting-position principles.


We favor sandbags that support and encircle the entire forend because they help reduce pre-ignition vibration.

The Big Three

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