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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Accuracy Solutions: BipodeXt - Accuracy Extended
Accuracy Solutions: BipodeXt – Accuracy Extended

Accuracy Solutions

Santa Ana, CA-( BipodeXt, from Accuracy Solutions, is proud to announce August 21st as our official product release date. BipodeXt gives shooters the stability of a tripod with the versatility of a bipod in a lightweight, compact design.

BipodeXt uses Archimedes principle of a lever/fulcrum to create a steady forward support for most any rifle/bipod configuration. BipodeXt extends the resting point of a bipod towards the muzzle of a rifle and beyond, without interfering with barrel harmonics, greatly increasing the stability and accuracy potential of the system.

Serious shooters have been moving the resting point of their bipod’s further forward with the popularity of tactical style rifles. Rifles such as an AR15 accept hand guards that extend attachment points of bipods closer to the muzzle. With BipodeXt, this advantage is greater and can also be installed on sporting style rifle systems that do not accept hand guards with the advent of a tilted picatinny rail. It is included will all BipodeXt models and can transform the tapered forend of the stock to create an attachment point that is closer to perpendicular with the axis of the bore.

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