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By David Kenik

Accuracy 1st's Todd Hodnett Teaching

Accuracy 1st's Todd Hodnett Wind

I had the distinct honor of attending a long-range shooting course taught by Accuracy 1st’s Todd Hodnett. You may not know his name because, other than being the instructor in Magpul’s Art of the Precision Rifle DVD, he maintains a rather low profile.

Hawkeye Long-Range Target Field


Ruger Hawkeye Long-Range Target Extends Precision Capabilities

But make no mistake, his impact on the shooting world and our nation’s soldiers looms large. Todd trains members from every branch of our military and counts numerous three-letter agencies as clients. In addition to training at his spectacular 30,000-acre facility in Canadian, Texas, Todd travels the globe training our military units and those of our allies. Accuracy 1st’s Utah locations also offers numerous classes for civilians and military personnel alike.

Todd also serves as a consultant for numerous manufacturers of rifles, ammunition, optics and accessories. He’s developed several of the ballistic equations used by shooters around the world today, and he even helped Horus develop the H58, H59 and TReMoR …Read the Rest

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