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By Tom Knighton

If there are two things every American should strive to be proud of besides their kids, it’s their country and their profession. Sometimes it’s easier to be proud of our country than others, but we live in the freest nation on Earth. That alone is something that gets me through the day and is why I refuse to give up ground on freedom.

As for my profession, well…I’m a journalist. Some days, it’s pretty rough to be proud of my profession. Especially when some of my colleagues make colossal mistakes.

However, sometimes their mistakes may make me ashamed of my profession but even more proud of my country.

ABC News apologized Monday for mistakenly running a video that apparently was taken at a gun range in Kentucky with a report about Turkish attacks in northern Syria.

“We’ve taken down video that aired on ‘World News Tonight Sunday’ and ‘Good Morning America’ this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy,” the network said in a statement on Monday. “ABC News regrets the error.”

A representative for ABC News declined to comment on how the mix-up had happened.

The clip that accompanied the reports on …Read the Rest

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