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By Tom Knighton

When I first learned about the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, I was struck by one thing. It amazed me how this seemed to come so close to the one-year anniversary of Sutherland Springs, another mass shooting at a house of worship.

To be sure, there are significant differences between the two atrocities. Sutherland Springs was a Baptist church and was targeted for reasons other than faith while the alleged Tree of Life killer is an allegedly vocal anti-semite who chose his target specifically because of religion. The Sutherland Springs killer died while the alleged Tree of Life killer is still wasting a tree’s effort of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

But some similarities shouldn’t be ignored.

Both events took place at a house of worship during worship services. Both involved buildings with a profound lack of security–yeah, I know, you shouldn’t need security at a house of worship, but this is the world we live in–that did nothing to dissuade the killer. Both incidents found the killer stopped by armed men when he tried to exit the building, thus ending the rampage that might have continued for even longer.

As more information about the alleged killer comes forward, we’ll see if there are …Read the Rest

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