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By Micah Rate

2017 has been a whirlwind ride for almost all Americans, and it’s been no different here for us at Bearing Arms. Throughout the non-stop news cycle, we’ve brought you breaking stories, the latest trends, covered some sad tragedies and somewhere in between found ways to share some laughs. Here’s a look back at some of our 2017 stories that mattered most to you, our readers.

National Sporting Goods Store Files For Bankruptcy

On the heels of the closures of Sports Chalet and Sports Authority, and after Bass Pro Shops’ purchase of Cabela’s, another sporting goods store was forced to file for bankruptcy – but was there actually a silver lining for gun buyers?

Are We Heading Toward A Civil War?

After a group of left-wingers open-carried in the streets, one had to wonder if this was a sign of a coming violent, political clash between left and right-wing nuts. Could political tensions become so high that the United States could face another Civil War? Thankfully, we haven’t seen that yet.

Two Church Shootings, Two Very Different Outcomes

This year, mass shootings have dominated headlines. However, …Read the Rest

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