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By Patriot Outdoor News

Hopefully, the next President won’t be so interested in exploiting those he should instead be helping, to undermine the liberty of all.

I can easily forgive President Barack Obama for not understanding American culture, especially gun culture.

Growing up in the exclusive Menteng district of Jakarta, Indonesia, before moving to Honolulu, Hawaii to attend a private school, Obama knew nothing of the continental United States until he moved to California as a young adult to attend Occidental College in Los Angeles. From Los Angeles, Obama moved to New York City to attend Columbia. He then moved to Chicago and his first job as a community organizer, before going to Harvard. After Harvard, he returned to Chicago, and lived there until he moved to Washington, DC, as President.

His exposure to firearms has been seeing them in the arms of Indonesian soldiers, on the hips of Hawaiian, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago police officers, and of course, in the crime news of the urban areas in which he has always lived in Asia and in “blue state” metropolises.

Obama views firearms as tools that he can used to enforce the laws that he passes and the executive orders he proclaims. He views them as …read more

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