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By Bob Owens


They’ve been several interesting “Facebook censorship” stories in the media this week, but it doesn’t seem that too many folks have tied them together. As the admin for one of the largest firearms-related Facebook pages in existence, let me see about tying all of them together.

Fox News and other outlets have been hammering the social media giant for leaks from former employees that suggest that the long-suspected Facebook censorship of conservative content is all quite real.

That’s what some unnamed former Facebook contractors told the tech site Gizmodo—and it’s an accusation that strikes at the heart of the social network’s credibility.

Facebook relies on computer algorithms to determine what is “trending,” an influential designation that inevitably boosts traffic for what are deemed the hottest topics. But unbeknownst to much of the public, Facebook hires journalists to tweak these formulas, and this is where the question of political bias has erupted.

Gizmodo reports that Facebook “routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers,” according to a former journalist who worked on the trending designations. And several former Facebook “news curators” told the website that they were told to “inject” certain topics into the trending list, even if they …Read the Rest

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