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By Jeremy S.


While on vacation in Florida recently, I was able to sneak away for a day and drive up to Kel-Tec CNC Industries for a tour of their facilities. Seems like a lot of people think Kel-Tec is four guys in a garage assembling a couple dozen guns a month, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cranking out over 150,000 firearms each year, Kel-Tec is the fifth or sixth largest U.S. firearms manufacturer, and the video above and gazillion photos below show how they do it . . .



photo_apr_22_11_34_35_amSlide blanks for one of the compact pistols (e.g. P-3AT)

<img src="" alt="photo_apr_22_11_34_54_am" width="1000" height="750" srcset=" 1000w,×225.jpg 300w,×576.jpg 768w, …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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