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By Jeff Wood

Chuckin’ is a must-try for varmint enthusiasts. (Photo: Jeff Wood/
The change of seasons is in the air again, the cold of winter slowly yields its grasp on the mountains and valleys giving way to spring. Many people pass by this season completely unaware of the fun and challenging hunting opportunities that lie within.
Many years ago, during a hike through the high Rockies, I caught a glimpse of an animal unfamiliar to me. The Yellow-Bellied Marmot, also known as a woodchuck, rockchuck, groundhog or whistle pig — basically, a giant squirrel.
You might say I’m a bit of a varmint enthusiast and I’ve hunted them in almost every conceivable way. Some time would pass before I became more familiar with these particularly handsome and playful little rodents. I came to know their habitat and where to look for them. As fast as you can whistle, I was hooked on what has lovingly come to be known as Chuckin’.
The author with a woodchuck. (Photo: Jeff Wood/
Every spring since that first chuck took a dirt nap in the cool shade at 9,000 feet, we go into the high country looking for beautiful brown pelts. The Marmot is a keen-eyed, wary little animal. They are


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