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By Justin Stakes

Pigman: The Series

A Long-Awaited Iowa Whitetail Hunt in “Nock On TV” and a Massive Hog Take-Down in “Pigman: The Series”

New Episodes Airing May 16–22

Pigman: The Series
Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

Denver, CO -( Sportsman Channel highlights three popular #IamSportsman* television series that will air new episodes during the week of May 16–22.

First up, Jim Shockey’s The Professionals begin preparing their Rogue River Outfitting Territory in the Yukon, a world-class hunting destination, to get ready for clients quickly approaching. The Professionals run into a problem right away – a bear trespassed into one of the cabins and caused some major damage.

Next, the editor of Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine, Christian Berg, finally gets an Iowa deer tag after five years of waiting. He decides to invite professional archer and showhost of Nock On TV, John Dudley, to show him the ropes during the hunt that takes place in the whitetail rut, a time period lasting 1-3 months when whitetail deer are very active.

Finally, on Sunday evening on Pigman: The Series, Dap, Pigman’s father, moves through Mexico procuring tons of javelina while Pigman takes down a massive hog.

Highlights for May 16–22:

  • Jim Shockey’s The Professionals (Thursdays at …Read the Rest

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