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By Jim Clary

Calm Before the Storm

by James Clary, Ph.D. and Mary Clary, B.S.N., R.N.

Calm Before the Storm
Jim Clary
Jim Clary

USA -( At no time in my life have I witnessed the country as being so divided. If one looks back in history, the divisions today between the left and right (coastal elites & middle Americans) are more severe and deeper than they were in early 1861.

There seems to be absolutely no way that either side will compromise and move to the center for the sake of our country. The only thing that I see happening is that both sides are digging in deeper and becoming more extreme.

As such, they must face, sooner or later, the consequences of their positions and the reality of what the future of the United States will be.

It was said by Mr. Lincoln that “A house divided against itself cannot endure”…. and that is exactly where the United States finds itself in 2017. It is no longer slave-states versus non-slave states, it is the politically hardcore left against the politically conservative right.

The hardcore left will not bend or compromise any of their beliefs and neither will the conservative right. And, sadly, only the folks in …Read the Rest

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