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By Craig Boddington


Famed gunwriter Elmer Keith (left) looks over a Weatherby rifle with Roy Weatherby.

The year was 1945, and the country was euphoric over its victory in World War II, first in Europe, then in the Pacific. A brash young man from Kansas, Roy E. Weatherby started the firearms company that, 71 years later, still bears his name and continues to be managed by his descendants. Born September 4, 1910, and living until April 4, 1988, Roy was a handloader and rifleshooter who pursued the time-honored pastime of wildcatting, creating his own cartridges. Only a small number of his experimental cartridges made the grade when he went commercial, founding his company on his signature line of Weatherby Magnums.

At the outset, the .300 H&H was the parent case, full length for the .300 and .375 Weatherby Magnums, shortened for the .257, .270 and 7mm Weatherby Magnums, taper removed and shouldered in Weatherby’s distinctive double Venturi curve. In years to come, the .340 Weatherby Magnum would be added, also based on the full-length .300 H&H case. Using their own unique cases, Roy would add the .224, .240, .378 and .460 Weatherby Magnums as well. After Roy’s passing, his son, Roy E. Weatherby …Read the Rest

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