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By John Falkenberg

DAYTON, OH — Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

In Dayton, Ohio, a legally and responsibly armed concealed carrier shot one of two attackers who assaulted him while he was trying to pump gas at a local gas station.

This video is from 2011, but is powerful enough to warrant mentioning here and is certainly worth a mention in today’s tense society.

One of the two suspects, Brandon Turner, reportedly high on cocaine, approached the victim and badgered him for a ride.

Eventually, Turner set to assaulting the victim — there doesn’t seem to be much of a purpose behind it beyond intoxication.

Turner had a friend who decided to join in on the fun. He emerged from the gas station to join in on the fun.

After they had set in on him for some time, the victim warned them that he was armed.

The warning was summarily ignored, unsurprisingly.

The victim then stopped being a victim — he drew his firearm and shot Turner.

Police saw the shooting as a justifiable action, given the scenario and the clear video footage backing the carrier’s case.

At the time of the report, there was talk of the two attackers being charged with assault — and …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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