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By Chris Eger

With a distinctive full-lug vent-rib barrel that gave the gun much of the same look and feel of their vaunted Python, the Colt Diamondback was popular with a host of buyers. (Photos:
Colt produced the Diamondback revolver in multiple calibers across three decades, but a lot of people hardly remember this classic wheel gun.
In 1966, Colt decided to come up with what was essentially a mid-shelf revolver that was more modern than their staple six-shooter offerings but cost less than their top-of-the-line Python .357 Magnum. Without reinventing the wheel (gun), the company tapped their old-school (at the time) D-frame revolver, the same one introduced originally with the 1900s-era Police Positive, then greatly upgraded the features.
The Diamondback used a familiar frame to Colt, as the D-frame started with the Police Positive and Police Positive Special, then also extended to the Detective Special, Commando, Cobra, Agent, and Courier.
Using the same style of full-lug high-vent ribbed barrel as the Python, the Diamondback was a handsome, modern revolver that set itself apart from legacy pencil barrel offerings that looked like they came from the Roaring 20s– because, in many cases, they did.
The Diamondback was also offered in several variants right off the bat, being


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