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By Bruce F

The genesis of this post started during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales of 2017. At the time, one of the big knife retailers was offering a free Kershaw Shuffle with a purchase of $75. I had no interest in spending another $75+ on a knife at the time to get the free Shuffle, but that knife caught my eye. That lead me to Ebay and ultimately the purchase of the newer model Kershaw Shuffle II. When it arrived, I made a conscious decision that I would carry that knife every day until I lost it.

I’ve acquired a few knives over the years. Some have stories about why I bought them, and others do not. I rarely carry a knife with me for the ever-present fear of losing it. The Shuffle II presented me with the opportunity to try my luck daily carrying a knife in a low risk fashion. If I lost it, I was out less than $20. I decided to take the risk….and a funny thing happened. 3 months later I hadn’t lost the knife. Flush with new enthusiasm, I dug into my treasure trove and picked …Read the Rest

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