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By Justin Stakes

Sig Electro-Optics TANGO6 5-30x56mm tactical riflescope

A High-Precision Shooting Solution: TANGO6 with LevelPlex Patented LevelPlex technology provides 6 times the accuracy of a bubble level for eliminating cant while shooting

Sig Electro-Optics TANGO6 5-30x56mm tactical riflescope

Newington, NH -( SIG SAUER, Inc. and SIG Electro-Optics is pleased to unveil the TANGO6 5-30x56mm tactical riflescope with patented LevelPlex technology.

This scope introduces a new degree of long-range accuracy to any firearm by allowing the shooter to virtually eliminate gun and scope cant from the shooting equation.

Powered by MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination), LevelPlex appears to the shooter in the form of illuminated arrows on the horizontal axis of the reticle, informing the shooter of firearm cant, direction of cant and severity of cant. The illuminated arrows guide the shooter back to a level hold until the cant is corrected: No more taking your eye off the target to check a level.

In addition to on-range use, LevelPlex allows for super-fast and remarkably accurate level scope-to- rail mounting: Level the rifle in a gun vice and simply use LevelPlex to level the scope to the rifle upon setup—no more fumbling with magnetic bubble levels on turrets.

The new TANGO6 5-30x56mm with LevelPlex and T120 Turrets offers …Read the Rest

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