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By Tyler Kee

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In a previous life, I was pretty committed to being a scientist. Well, an engineer actually. A minor distinction to some, but the cardinal sin is to confuse the two among a certain group of my friends. I entered college bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to learn what I needed to so I could go work for an Italian or Japanese MotoGP team making the next generation of fast motorcycles. Fast forward a few years to a bitter college sophomore curled up in the fetal position broken under the weight of abstract math and an electronics class that beat me up and took my lunch money . . .

Sitting in front of my advisor signing the paperwork that would transfer me to the business administration department, I heard something that stuck with me forever. “Tyler, you would have been a fantastic engineer. You’re just a very poor engineering student.” And with a flourish of the pen, that dream went poof. It turns out that the chalkboard wasn’t really for me. I really only did well in labs and practical applications of classroom work. Proof of this is my name on the wall for winning a truss-building competition and an academic record …read more

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