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By GDC Staff

Considering gifting a gun this Christmas? rounded up a few important tips to prevent you from breaking any state or federal laws in the process.
Is it illegal to give a gun as a gift?
Buying a gun for someone else is tricky. Even in cases in which the recipient can legally buy and own a firearm, the transaction could still be considered a straw purchase. While the 2014 Supreme Court case Abramski v. United States found that gifting firearms is legally permitted, the caveat is the recipient cannot know about the purchase beforehand.
Therefore, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives along with gun industry trade groups recommend giving a gift card from a federally licensed dealer instead of an actual gun. This helps avoid the thorny issue of completing Form 4473 for a firearm that will ultimately end up in someone else’s hands.
It’s also important to consider the age of the recipient as well as their eligibility to own a firearm in your state. Many states restrict handgun transfers to those under 18, while others require permits or licenses for legal ownership.
Out-of-state transfers
When it comes to gifting guns to out-of-state friends and relatives, federal law mandates the transfer occur


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